What is a Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer is a machine used to clean the rough dirt on surfaces of the wall, coarse dirt on the floor, even to wash the vehicles, decks, buildings, etc.

The use of the machine depends upon whether the device has an electric motor or gasoline engine because the electric motor machine is for household purposes, and the gasoline engine machine is for heavy-duty cleaning work.

The volume of a pressure washer measured in GPM (Gallons Per Minute). Pressure expressed in pascals or PSI (Pounds per Square Inch). This PSI value varies from 750 to 30,000 PSI and more.

pressure washer
pressure washer

A pressure washer uses high-pressure water with available nozzles having different wider angles to clean the heavy dirt outdoors, remove paint, clean gutters, roofs, decks, driveways, parking lots, patios, cladding, etc.

Now, let us know what pressure washing and power washing is.

What Is Pressure Washing?

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing used for domestic purposes in our home for regular cleaning work. This cleaning tool, when water is flowing, uses two to four high-pressure jets that swing on a rotating bar.

This type of washing provides an output at high pressure using normal temperature water. It will do a great job of cleaning by removing the rough dirt on the surfaces, walls, etc. But they are not able to remove the stains on concrete.

What Is Power Washing?

Power Washing

Power washing also used for throwing away the dirt. This type of water washing produces high-pressure water cleaning with hot water — power washing results in ultimate cleaning.

The most potent form of cleaning in power washing is Hydro Jet cleaning. Hot water does unusual jobs in removing chewing gum, grease stains, as well as perfect in handling grease floors, remove debris in tanks and lines.

Difference Between Pressure Washing and Power Washing

There is not much difference between pressure washing and power washing.

Their working process is the same, and the handling process is also the same. Both use high-pressure water for cleaning jobs. The difference between both types of washing in hot water.

Yes, power washing uses hot water for cleaning, and pressure washing uses normal temperature water for cleaning.

We may feel this difference is not a significant matter, but actually, it means and makes a lot of difference.

Pressure washing mainly used for the householding purpose, but power washing used for ample commercial space and heavy-duty cleaning. Though pressure washing results in fantastic cleaning, it is not able to clean the tough stains on concrete.


We can say, pressure washer highly needed for cleaning tough dirt on surfaces of walls, floors, etc. Depending upon needs the device is chosen as to whether you need the machine for home cleaning or large commercial areas. Make sure to read the instruction manual before using the pressure washer.



What is the Difference Between Power Washing vs Pressure Washing?

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