How Does a Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Work?

Outdoor floors can get dirty over time, and it can take a lot of time and effort to clean these floors by usual cleaning methods. Many people prefer using pressure cleaners to clean outdoor floors and concrete surfaces. A pressure cleaner uses a high powered jet of water to clean the grime and dirt from the floor.  But there are specific issues with using a pressure washer.

Often a pressure washer would leave streaks, or it would take a lot of time to clean a small area. The solution to cleaning better is getting a pressure washer surface cleaner. In this article,  we’ll take a look at what a surface cleaner is, how it works, and how you can choose one for cleaning your porch or patio.

In this article,  we’ll take a look at what a surface cleaner is, how it works and how you can choose one for cleaning your porch or patio.

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What Is a Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner?

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A pressure washer surface cleaner is an attachment for pressure washers that can clean a floor with high power rotating jets of water. The twin nozzles rotate with the pressure of water, and the surface cleaner glides above the floor, removing all the grime, dirt, dust, and debris. Surface cleaners come with a brush skirt that prevents water from shooting off in all directions.

It is a powerful way to clean the floor, and it takes very little time and effort compared to other forms of cleaning flat floors. A pressure washer surface cleaner can be attached with compatible pressure washers. There are various models of the device available, and buyers can choose from the models that suit their budget and cleaning requirements.

The Need of a Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

A pressure washer surface cleaner is a versatile device that is used for cleaning a variety of floors. But you need to check with the model you’re buying if it is fit for cleaning the kind of floors you have in your house. Here are some reasons why a pressure surface washer cleaner is needed for cleaning floors.

  • Wand and nozzle type pressure cleaners don’t cover a lot of areas efficiently.
  • Most pressure washer cleaners are not designed to clean floors.
  • Regular pressure washer cleaners spread dirt everywhere, and you still need to wipe the floor after cleaning it.
  • Surface cleaners are designed for cleaning a wide range of floors, such as concrete, driveways, pathways, and more.
  • The twin rotating nozzle system is ideal for removing hard dirt, grime, and debris that have been stuck to the floor for a long time.
  • A surface cleaner is easy to use as it can be attached to an existing pressure washer system.
  • Surface cleaners come with skirts on the side that collect all the dirty water so that you don’t have to clean the dirty water too once you’re done cleaning.
  • Surface cleaners are easy to customize, depending on your cleaning needs. You can attach different sizes of nozzles and also change the pressure to clean different types of floors.

How Does a Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Work?

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Before buying a surface cleaner, it is essential to understand how it works so that you can decide is this is the machine that’s suitable for your cleaning needs. Let’s have a look into the operating method of a surface cleaner.

  • A surface cleaner spins twin nozzles that spray jets of water on the surface that needs to be cleaned.
  • The spinning action of nozzles produces a clear path without leaving any stripes or uneven cleaned surface.
  • Most surface cleaners can be attached with pressure washers for cleaning.
  • Once the pressure washer is switched on, a trigger mechanism will shoot the jets of water to start cleaning the floor.
  • The surface cleaner should be moved in small circles over the surface that is to be cleaned.
  • If there is any vibration or stripes, switch off the pressure washer and clean the nozzles so that there is no obstruction in the flow of water.
  • As the surface cleaner shoots powerful jets of water, make sure there are no fragile items in the water’s path.

How to Choose the Ideal Surface Cleaner?

Finding the ideal surface cleaner is not a difficult task if you know what you’re looking for. There are some basic things you need to take care of while choosing a surface cleaner. First, figure out your requirement for buying a surface cleaner. You can choose from a consumer-grade, semi-pro, or professional-grade surface cleaner depending on your needs. Here are some things you should look for before you purchase a surface cleaner.

  • It should be compatible with high-pressure connections. A high-pressure surface washer can clean even the most difficult to remove stains and debris easily.
  • Choose a surface cleaner that has the ideal diameter. You can choose a surface cleaner with a diameter of 10 inches that will be perfect for cleaning larger floor areas without spending too much time or effort.
  • A non marking track is an essential part of a surface cleaner. This feature prevents the cleaner from leaving any tracks while cleaning any floor.
  • Brush skirt is another part of a surface cleaner that is essential for its operation. It collects the dirt and debris that’s cleaned from the surface and prevents overspray in all directions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Surface Cleaners

Buyers often have concerns and considerations regarding surface cleaners before they actually make a decision to buy one. Here are some of the common questions asked about surface cleaners.

Q1. Does a surface cleaner use more water than a cleaning wand?

Ans. Both use the same amount of water, but there is a significant reduction in time required for cleaning the same amount of area in case of a surface cleaner. This way, you end up using less water than usual.

Q2. Can I use hot water to clean with my surface cleaner?

Ans. You will need to check with the model and make of the surface cleaner you’re planning to buy. Most surface cleaners can be used with hot water, but it is always a wise move to check beforehand.

Q3. Is it difficult to move a surface cleaner over a floor?

Ans. It is effortless to move the surface cleaner, and it doesn’t take much effort. Most surface cleaners hover above the surface of the floor because of the force of water. You can also buy models with wheels or casters, depending on your requirements. These are easy to maneuver, and you can clean large areas in very little time.

Q4. What level of maintenance is required for a surface cleaner?

Ans. Surface cleaners don’t require much maintenance as there aren’t too many moving parts in these devices. In the rare case that you need to repair a surface cleaner, it is easy to do, and parts are available in most hardware shops.

Q5. Can I use detergents to clean hard to remove stains?

Ans. Again, it depends on the model of your pressure washer. Many pressure washers come with detergent boxes in which you can add detergent and wash the floor with the resulting solution. For most surface cleaners, the force of the water is enough to dislodge even the most stubborn stains.

Q6. What should I do if I hear a vibration from the surface cleaner?

Ans. Vibration from the surface cleaner is probably because of an obstruction in the path of water coming out of the nozzles. In such a case, switch off and unplug the pressure washer, remove the surface cleaner and take off the nozzles. You can try cleaning the nozzles with a small pin and wash them with water to dislodge any debris. Put everything back together and try cleaning again.


A pressure washer surface cleaner attachment can be of immense use if you have a large area to clean. It is perfect for cleaning concrete floors, parking lots, driveways, pool areas, walkways, patios, and much more. You will save time, water, and effort required to clean these areas with conventional cleaning methods.

Surface cleaners are very easy to use as you need to plug it in and walk behind the cleaner, moving it to places that you want to clean. The brushes on the sides of the cleaner prevent overspray, and the high-powered jets of water ensure there won’t be any streaking patterns.

If you want your house patio or driveway to look as good as new, invest in a pressure washer surface cleaner today!


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