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While doing the heavy-duty cleaning, lots of people have to face the odds of hosepipes. These hosepipes are not only inefficient for the heavy-duty cleaning but also meant for manual usage and wasted lots of water too. However, with the help of the best commercial pressure washer, you can easily do such type of cleaning.

Comparison Chart of Best Commercial Pressure Washers

Below is the comparison chart of the best commercial pressure washers that will provide you a brief glimpse of all the products before reading the reviews section.

Serial NoProduct NamePSI (Pounds per Square Inch)GPM
(Gallons Per Minute)
1SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240H42004
2Shark SGP-353037 Gas Powered Hot Water Commercial Series Pressure Washer30003.5
3NorthStar Electric Wet Steam and Hot Water Pressure Washer27502.5
4Easy-Kleen Professional (Gas - Hot Water) Pressure Washer40003.5
5Generac 656542004
6Briggs & Stratton 2065532002.7
7Ford FPWG3100H-J31002.5
8Pressure Pro E3027HC27003

A commercial pressure washer intended with regular usage for cleaning in mind. These products come with better pumps, better engines, and better components without the material of plastic. They originate with brass connections, high-quality hoses, and stainless bayonets. The cleaning power of the commercial and domestic pressure washer is the same. The only difference between them is the quality of the components.

Today, there are numerous commercial pressure washers by different brands that you can find on the market, but only a few of them work effectively.

In the below article, we are going to review the best commercial pressure washer that lasts longer and provides high performance. We will also share with you some useful info about the commercial pressure washer that will benefit you in making the wise buying decision in the end.

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What to Look for While Buying a Commercial Pressure Washer?

The following are the essential things that you need to keep in mind while buying a commercial pressure washer:

1) Engines

The engines of the commercial pressure washer originate in both, i.e., electric and gas. The engines of the gas pressure washer have more power in comparison to the engines of the electric pressure washer, and in fact, they don’t require a cord.

People who are energy-aware and do not desire to expend much money on pressure washers should buy the OHV engines (overhead valve engines). They require less gas and also small in size which makes them an efficient product. The electric engines come with the feature of zero-emission that doesn’t include the usage of any gas and has less weight too.

2) Power

At the time of looking for the power of commercial pressure washer, there are few features that you should consider, i.e., horsepower (for gas), PSI (pounds per square inch), and volts (for electric engines).

The commercial pressure washer with the gas engines often measured by dimension. The PSI decides the water pressure’s power, thus a higher PSI can easily handle hard jobs, such as cleaning construction equipment or stripping paint.

3) Pumps

The pump is an integral part of the commercial pressure washer which controls a considerable amount of water’s high-pressure water, thus its sturdiness is a big concern. Pumps basically similar to numerous tiny tubes fixed to a chamber, and comprise rods, nozzles, ball-bearings, and pistons.

The pistons made from ceramic let the pump to function at a low temperature so that the hotness does not erode the pump. The Professional-Grade Triplex pumps are intended to soften vibrations and dispense heat for making the pump remain cool.

4) Hose tips

You can see a hose as well as a hose tip in the commercial pressure washer from which the high-pressure water emerges. The hose tip helps in more flexibility and suppleness with different jobs of cleaning. The standard tips of hose consist of 0-degree, 15-degree, 40-degree, as well as soap. The tip with 0-degree is quite narrow whereas the 40-degree hose tip scatters the water as a fan. Specific hose tips consist of 5-in-1 roles and axles, thus you may rotate the hose nearby.

5) Usability

The main worry about the use of commercial pressure washer is its weight. The weight of such heavy pressure washer might fall in the range of 80 pounds to 100 pounds. The pressure washers that are driven by gas are weightiest due to the engine. Sturdy tires are vital for moving such products. Wagons are also beneficial for support and transportation. You can also look for long hoses with the steel-plated design that does not get break quickly with the high pressure.

6) Tires

The surface on which you might use your commercial pressure washer may be rough or coarse. The virtuous pair of tires shall retain the pressure washer steady and stable. You should consider the pneumatic and large size tires (with a size of 13 inches to 16 inches) or tires with farming stride. The design of the tire with the feature of Never-Flat remains sturdy in contradiction to the weight of the pressure washer. The shock absorbers in tires are also helpful as these products tend to shake.

Tips for Making Best Usage of the Commercial Pressure Washer

The following are a few tips that help you in making the best use of the commercial pressure washer. It will benefit in the stress-free usage and care of the commercial pressure washer.

Let’s talk about them!

1) Brush out the dirt

During the starting usage of the commercial pressure washer, you must utilize a brush to eradicate the entire wreckages. Afterward, you must take away the gas from the reservoir and use the pump by water for good washing for some time. Later, you have to push the beginning key or twitch the rope to begin the unit.

2) Use high-pressure hose

If you want to have the finest outcome from the commercial pressure washer in washing the tough greases and stains, you must utilize the high-pressure spring with the detergent and cleansers. It will clean the entire debris in very little time.

3) Use different nozzle tips

You must use diverse kinds of spouts and spout tips that match the specific work. Try to utilize the nozzle tips as per the strength of work. It will provide you with good and faster cleaning with a quicker washing procedure.

4) Don’t play with the hose

At the time of the process, you must play with the pressure washer’s spouts. The high force might harm the skin of the person who is in front of you. Do not try to keep your hands in the opposite of the product for feeling the force as it is not a fun or joke.

5) Do the right cleaning and maintenance

The correct maintenance of the commercial pressure washer can only keep it active. Therefore, you must pay attention to the whole product along with the parts. To evade harm from the gas inside the washer’s engine, you must utilize the anti-halt at the time of winter. If you are not using the pressure washer then, empty the oils of the tank.

Reviews of Best Pressure Washer for Commercial Use

1. SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240H 4200 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240H View on Amazon

It is the commercial pressure washer that comes with the HONDA GX390 engine with the feature of oil vigilant. The AAA industrialized triplex nozzle propels quite a higher pressure at the outlet. It comes with the non-damage steel-plaited pipe with quick connectors.

The frame of the product made from the welded steel material along with the engine plate made up of steel. You get 13 inches air-filled tires with the axle prepared from sold steel material. There is a professional-style shower rod inside it with five fast attach outlet tips, i.e., 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, as well as the cleanser applicator spout. The specialized spray shooter comes with the security lock-out in it.

  • It comes with a high level of power which is quite more than the other commercial pressure washer
  • The different type of tips comes with the product
  • It is easy to start and easy on fuel
  • It comes in the compact size so that you can easily store it anywhere
  • The HONDA GX390 engine is quite reliable and provides high-level performance
  • The alert system of the oil shuts down the engine of the product when the level of oil is inadequate
  • You get the three years limited warranty on the product
  • It creates lots of noise when nearby to the unit
  • It does not come with the hose reel
  • The valve cap of the high-pressure relief might become loose after sometime

2. Generac 6565 4,200 PSI Gas Powered Commercial Pressure Washer

Generac 6565 View on Amazon

It is a professional-grade triplex commercial pressure washer that has four times longer life in comparison to the axial commercial washers. The 420cc Generac OHV engine of the product is very powerful that offers extreme reliability and cleaning performance. There is a sensor given in the pressure washer that shuts down the engine when there is a low level of oil.

The product comes with the five quick click outlet tips of 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees along with the soap dispenser. The tires are air filled with a significant size feature that offers the benefit of shock absorption and maximum mobility. This commercial pressure washer cautiously designed after keeping in mind the durability and user-friendliness.

  • It is the quite powerful and heavy-duty product that can increase the water pressure at the pipe for around 4,200 PSI along with the rate of flow at 4 GPM
  • The pump offers four times more longevity if you maintain it correctly
  • The triplex pump could also be reconstructed effortlessly
  • The 50-feet elongated and steel-protected hose let you cover more significant area for cleaning
  • The two air-filled tires uphold an excellent grip with the surface
  • The connected frame over which the engine and pump attached offers good steadiness to the product
  • You get a 3-year limited warranty along with the product
  • It is not tough to move
  • The beginning use of the product is somewhat tight
  • The pin of the safety lock may probably shake after long-term usage
  • The fuel might get a leak from the product after sometime
  • It creates lots of noise at the time of usage
  • The assembling of the pressure washer is also tough

3. Briggs & Stratton 20655 Gas Pressure Washer

Briggs & Stratton 20655 View on Amazon

This commercial pressure washer comes with the powerful OHV engine of 208cc. The axial can pump of the product is heavy-duty that originates with the quick start technique. It comes with the four rapid-link spray tips comprise of 0 Degree, 15 Degree, and 40 Degree along with the soap. The 10 inches wheels have a benefit of Never-Go-Flat. You get a 24-months period limited warranty on the product along with the 3-months limited commercial warranty period. The product certified by the PWMA (Pressure Washer Manufacturers’ Association).

  • It comes with a compact and sleek design
  • You can quickly move it from one place to another
  • The guidelines for using the product is also easy and simple
  • It consists of 4 different tips for spraying during the usage
  • The flat wheel helps in the stress-free mobility of the pressure washer
  • The OHV engine offers quite high-performance during the cleaning
  • It consists of the soap injection system
  • The thermal helps to reduce the damage of the pump
  • You cannot store it in a small place
  • There are few components made from plastic that are fragile
  • The difficult setting of the storage rack for hose

4. Ford 3100 PSI Gas-Powered Pressure Washer FPWG3100H-J

Ford FPWG3100H-J View on Amazon

It is an incredible commercial pressure washer that comes with the PSI of 3100 along with the flow rate of 2.5 GPM.  Its OHV engine has the power of 208cc which is quite strong.  The pump of 3 pistons axial cam originates with the durable frame. You also get a useful onboard modifiable soap reservoir in it that you can use for filling your preferred cleaning agent for cleaning and washing away the tough grime and wreckages.

The additional six fast attach nozzles, as well as an ergonomic spray gun, offers extra effective power for cleaning over the range of floors. The 30 inches high-pressure pipe, as well as cushion grip handle and chrome, made rims let the usage and storage of this product a gentle wind. It approved by the CARB/EPA/CSA, and you also get two years limited warranty with it.

  • You can easily handle it during the working owing to the padded knob and foam-packed tires
  • You can easily sore it because of the foldable handle
  • It is easy to use with a systematic legend, steadfast manual, distribution tips storing network, etc
  • It is useful for the vast areas due to the large size fuel tank
  • It is quite durable due to the stainless steel structure and the connectors made of brass
  • It is strong enough to do all types of cleaning jobs
  • It is acquiescent by CARB and, thus, it is extra environment-friendly
  • It needs extraordinary maintenance and additional work for using it
  • You need to drain out the oil and gas before the storage

5. Pressure Pro E3027HC Heavy Duty Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Pressure Pro E3027HC View on Amazon

It is a robust commercial pressure washer that comes with the 6.5 Horsepower GX200 engine by HONDA which you can quickly start. It is a reliable product that does not make any noise while functioning. The triplex plunger pump by the CAT Brand benefits in running the product cooler. The thermopower sensor stops the problem of overheating in side-step mode. It has a proficient quality shielded gun, as well as assembly of the wand with five fast, connect spouts.

You also get 50 feet of steel re-imposed and non-pattern high-pressure hose in it. It has an innovative airplane grade aluminum structure with double knobs. It can push 3 gallons of water in one single minute. The air-filled tires are helpful for any ground with double padded tremor engrossing feet. The engine of the pressure washer offers enduring running time and also consists of a thermosensor that stops the overheating of the product.

  • It can deliver 3 gallons of water in one single minute along with the limit of pushing of 2700 PSI
  • The product is constructed to last for a longer time
  • There is a thermosensor provided in the product that prevents the damage of the engine
  • It is compact and also lightweight to carry and store
  • The construction of the pressure washer is solid and sturdy
  • The motor and the pump is of high-quality
  • It is quite easy to use and start
  • Wagon of the pressure washer is astonishing and impeccably balanced
  • The price of the pressure washer is little high in comparison to others
  • It is also less portable in comparison to the other pressure washer

Different Uses of the Commercial Pressure Washer

The following are the various uses of the commercial pressure washer:

1) Sport courts

The sports courts like basketball and tennis cleaned with the help of a ground cleaner that is driven by a huge commercial pressure washer. It helps inaptly cleaning the big size area way.

2) Buildings

The exteriors of the Building are perhaps the utmost commonplace that is clean by the commercial pressure washer. In such type of cleaning, the professional workers hired who can correctly reach the higher parts. They need to get the certification for using the commercial pressure washer.

3) Industrial facilities

Even though smoke piles are not a consistent event but the general cleaning of the industry needs to do regularly. The commercial pressure washer easily cleans such areas without much effort.

4) Parking garages

It is one of the most common places where the commercial pressure washer used. You can quickly and easily clean the areas where your vehicles parked at weekends.

5) Ships

The shipping vessels cleaned with the help of the commercial pressure washer by the onboard ship labors. It makes their work easy and effortless.

6) Malls

The walking areas, parking lots and other areas of the mall need the commercial pressure washer for cleaning that can easily hold the volume.

7) Restaurant equipment

The exhaust tops of the restaurant kitchen are a horrible thing to clean and wash, and while cleaning they might finish up getting more unclean. The commercial pressure washer not only cleans the disgusting grease and also washes away the grime.

8) Surroundings of the building

The dirty surroundings of the building are hazardous as they can become quite slippery after becoming wet. With the help of a commercial pressure washer, it not only gets clean but also looks quite better than earlier.

9) Sidewalks of city

Considerably operated city sidewalks are a prevalent use of the commercial pressure washers, particularly hot water varieties. These places are clean on a consistent basis so that they become safe in the wet climate when the grime is greasy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How Should I attach the hose in the commercial pressure washer?

With the use of the connectors, you can effortlessly attach the hose.

Q: What type of oil must use in the commercial pressure washer?

Each model originates with an instruction regarding the oil usage. You must utilize that oil which recommended inside the user manual.

Q: What kinds of tips used for different types of jobs with the commercial pressure washer?

You might utilize the 0 degrees tip for solid and hard grime, 15 degrees tip in used for removing the grease and paint, the tip of 25 degrees used for washing the dirt from roofs and tip of 40 degrees used for cleaning your vehicles including the car.

Q: Is it mandatory to drain out the oil if we are not using the commercial pressure washer?

Some people do not use the commercial pressure washer for a long time. In such a case, they should drain out the entire fuel so that their tank becomes safe and clean for the next use.

Q: Do all of the commercial pressure washers consist of the hose?

Yes, nearly all types of commercial pressure washer consist of a hose. The length of the hose might differ from product to product belonging to different brands.

Q: What is the power of the commercial pressure washer?

The power of the commercial pressure washers is usually calculated in amps, volts or horsepower if there is an electric engine. If the cleaning job is big then, there is a need for more power.

You must be cautious about buying a commercial pressure washer which is quite powerful as the water with the high-pressure may fundamentally harm cars and any other things. Similarly, you must by no means use the hose on an individual. While cleaning the big commercial area, you can use the power of 10HP to 12HP.

Q: How much should be the weight of the commercial pressure washers?

The weight of the commercial pressure washers might be quite hefty since they come in the range of 80 pounds to 100 pounds or some of them are more heavy-duty. Such things are particularly correct with gas-powered pressure washers that are designed heftier in comparison to the electric-powered pressure washers.

The commercial pressure washer with high power will have a big size engine, and all this will make it weigh more. The carts and wheels of the pressure washer may benefit in taking off certain weight which lets you move the machine without much effort.


The commercial pressure washer is becoming a need for lots of people today. These machines are not only heavy-duty but also come with more power and strong engines. They are more durable than the household pressure washers owing to the high-quality components.

In the above article, we have reviewed the five best commercial pressure washers that come with a high-quality feature. Besides this, we have also tried to cover all the essential aspects and info about the commercial pressure washer that you must know.

We hope that till now you have picked the best commercial pressure washer for yourself from the above list. Since all the info in the article is authentic, there are no chances that you get the wrong product yourself.

Do let us know once that which product you pick and buy. We will love to hear your experience and thoughts on it.


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